Handmade AleHorn Rune Beard Comb

Introducing our new rune comb. As a twist on our handle beard comb that features our Anglo alphabet logo, these combs are hand engraved with "AleHorn" in Elder Futhark runes and and have been designed based on combs found within Viking burial sites.

The horn is a superior option for keeping hair healthy since it's made of keratin - just like your hair. It won't introduce drying static and will naturally distribute oil away from the skin and through the hair.

  • Design based on traditional Viking grooming tools
  • "AleHorn" engraved in Elder Futhark runes on the front.
  • Measures 5" x 1.5"
  • Horn distributes oils and won't strip hair of moisture
  • This comb is great for beards or head hair
  • Natural horn color and pattern will be beautifully different for each customer