The longest day of the year has been a celebration all over the world for longer than we can possibly know, which makes this a special time to connect with the earth and our collective human heritage. This year, the summer solstice coincided with a full moon, a rare occurrence that hasn’t happened since 1967. According to the North American Algonquin tribe, the first full moon of June is called the “Strawberry Moon,” since it indicates the beginning of strawberry season.


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Without the overlapping significance of the full Strawberry Moon which we’ll get to in a minute, celebrating the solstice means appreciating the light of the sun and all it brings, but for many it’s also a time of significant reflection. It’s a time to think about your inner brightness and power, and recharge for the changes ahead. It signifies the conquering of the darkness by the light, both in the world and inside of ourselves.

The most famous solstice gathering occurs every year at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, because it’s a place of deep Pagan significance which was built to align with both the solstices. The rising sun reaches the very middle of the stones to shine on the center alter once a year during the summer solstice. A fire ritual is held each year where pagans and druids circle the alter with unlit candles, lighting them one by one by a large central candle.

Solstice Full Moon: A Time of Truth and Renewal

The Strawberry Moon is known to astrologers to usher in a time of heightened insight and maybe even a little luck. If you clear your mind and think positively with thanks in your heart, the June full moon promises gains in personal gains in fortune and prosperity.

“You can blaze your own trail with moral courage, an open mind, and willingness to question all you know.”

According to Molly Hall of, “If you’re being triggered by life, and overwhelmed, this could be one of those breakthrough moments.” She recommends that we “trust our higher moral conscience, and sense of what’s true.”

If you’re feeling a renewed sense of courage and a parting of the mist that’s been following you, you can thank the solstice/full moon overlap. “You can blaze your own trail with moral courage, an open mind, and willingness to question all you know.”