Vikings is returning to TV next month, but you can go even deeper into the lore behind Ragnar’s legacy. This spring, Titan Comics will release an all-new History Channel Vikings series comic based on the show that will feature previously untold stories of our favorite sexy barbarians.

The comic series will be written by Cavan Scott, who previously wrote the Doctor Who comics, and will be illustrated by Staz Johnson, a DC artist who previously worked on Jonah Hex’s All-Star Western . The Vikings story will begin sometime during the show’s third season, and will “follow Ragnar Lothbrok as he leads his Northmen on a new saga of glory and plunder.”

An Example of Staz Johnson’s art from ‘Dracula’ – can’t wait to see his art for ‘Vikings!’

Scott explains that he’s been geeking out over Vikings ever since visiting the Yorvik Viking Center in historic York as a kid, and has since devoured the Viking sagas. Of course, he’s couldn’t wait for the Vikings TV series to debut. “I’ve loved every minute of the first three seasons,” Scott gushes. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be bringing Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki, and the rest to the world of comics.”

Scott plans to infuse his writing with the “melees, mysticism, blood and treachery” we’ve all come to expect from our favorite TV Viking king. The comic aims to explore the question: “Who will desert him first, his gods or his men?”