Let’s get serious for a second. Dad doesn’t want a tie or a Starbucks card – he wants a big-ass horn. If you’re the kind of son or daughter who’s considering getting him such a kick-ass gift, we like you enough to save you some green.

We won’t sugar coat this – this horn is probably larger than what you’d expect. We’ve actually had someone return it because it was TOO BIG. I just want to make sure you know that going in. It’s at minimum 36 ounces, which means it’ll hold 3 cans of beer.

If for some reason that makes you hesitate, just remember that this thing will outshine pretty much everything else on the shelf – so if Dad every wonders which one of his kids is best, all he needs to do is walk past your epic gift standing proudly and the answer will be clear.

If you agree with us that this gift is incredibly likely to make your dad very proud of you, then click on over to our 36oz tankard listing and enter this code at checkout: