Proving once again that nothing will ever be able to come between an Englishman and his pint, these two dedicated pubgoers weren’t about to let a little water get in the way of their afternoon drinking.

“I stood and shouted at the water, but it didn’t seem to do much.” -John Kelly

One of the pubgoers, John Kelly, explains that the water rushed in, they shouted at it a bit, and it seemed to level out. Since it wasn’t getting any higher and “the damage had already been done,” he and wingman Steve Hold thought they’d sit in the beer garden to finish their drinks.

As John explains, the water was cold at first, but then it was “surprising therapeutic, to sit not just by the river but in the river…it was nice.”

John says they chose to sit outdoors that day because the pub was full of folks having Sunday lunch. He says, “we just thought we’re not going to get beaten by a river, we’re going to have a beer.”

Finally, all the therapeutic river-sitting came to its inevitable conclusion when the pub owner’s wife shouted at Steve and John, and they “had to get out like naughty little boys.”