Happy Black Friday to you! Congrats, you’ve stumbled into the best Black Friday shop of all – the Internet. No need to ever go anywhere else. Trust us, we’ve been outside – it’s cold and there are bears. Better shop here.

We have a lot of great stuff for your Christmas list this year – more products than ever, in fact – but this one in particular was created in a limited number to give folks a chance to have a beautifully engraved horn at one of the lowest prices in the shop.

These horns come engraved with your choice of our most popular Viking symbol designs:

Choose carefully, as different symbols carry different meanings. While Vegvisir and Helm of Awe might look very similar, one is used to inspire fear and one is used to guide your path – they really couldn’t be more different!

These horns are 12″ polished horns and clock in at around 13-17oz. Please note that they do not include a stand. Since they’re a special edition horn, they’re different than any of our other styles of Viking horn and have been made without our signature brass rim.

If you’re any kind of Yuletide celebrant, you’ll want to equip yourself with a good drinking horn before the winter solstice, which is traditionally a time of darkness and drinking. It’s during this time that folks traditionally drink and feast for three days, “drinking Yule.”